Ukrainian SaaS-service “Pibox” raised $400 thousand and went to “Techstars Toronto”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Ukrainian SaaS-service “Pibox” raised $400 thousand and went to “Techstars Toronto”

"Pibox" — a Ukrainian startup for music and video production, attracted investment and got into "Techstars Toronto"

The Ukrainian startup Pibox, which created the eponymous all-in-one service for teamwork with media files, went to Techstars Toronto and attracted $ 400,000 in investments at the pre-seed stage.

Toronto has become a world center for creativity. In the idea of ​​collaboration software for creators from the music, video and audio industries, Techstars Toronto saw excellent investment potential. Working with Pibox and their team in Ukraine is a fantastic way to scale to the north American market and bring creators from around the world together.

The lead investor was the international accelerator Techstars, and Adventures Lab70 Ventures, Presto Ventures and Globalive Capital also made investments.

History and functionality of Pibox

The startup was launched in 2017 in Ukraine by brothers Ivan and Pavel Talaychuk. With Pibox, the user can upload media files and add contributors to the project. In the project, you can build communication and set tasks related to editing these files. A similar solution was found helpful by teams that constantly work with creativity or creators who give their work for review to clients.

The platform replaces many tools at once (for example, Telegram, Gmail, Slack, Dropbox), helps organize the discussion of edits, and saves specialists time. Pibox already employs Universal Music, Sony Music, Epidemic Sound, National Gallery of Art (Washington).

Company's plan for development

Pibox will use the attracted investments to expand the team and develop the product, including its mobile version. The project will also add analytics tools for teams to track performance metrics.

In addition to financial support within the framework of acceleration at Techstars Toronto, Pibox will also receive help from mentors from Google, Amazon, Sony, Peloton. The Techstars program also features a wide range of large investors, potential clients and access to the global Techstars network.


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