Japan to Supply Ukraine with Biofuel Production Technology, Reports Kyodo

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, January 4, 2024
Japan to Supply Ukraine with Biofuel Production Technology, Reports Kyodo

Japan is set to provide Ukraine with biofuel production technology as part of the country’s post-war recovery efforts, according to a report by Kyodo News citing sources within the Japanese government.

This initiative is scheduled to be officially announced next month in Tokyo during a meeting between public and private sector representatives from Japan and Ukraine. The meeting aims to discuss various support strategies for Ukraine's recovery.

The Japanese government views this technology transfer as an opportunity to establish a new industry in Ukraine, leveraging the country's abundant resources suitable for biofuel production. It is anticipated that Japanese firms will agree to supply renewable energy production technology and related equipment at the Japan-Ukraine Economic Reconstruction Promotion Conference on February 19.

The successful establishment of this new industry is expected to provide Ukraine with valuable export products, potentially boosting the country's foreign exchange earnings, as per an unnamed Japanese government official.

Beyond biofuel technology, Japan is also considering offering 3D-printed prosthetic legs and PTSD treatment technology to Ukraine. Further support includes the introduction of remote medical assistance and smart farming technologies.

In 2023, Japan emerged as the third-largest financial aid donor to Ukraine, contributing 3.7 billion US dollars in preferential financing and grants to the Ukrainian state budget.

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