Joint Expeditionary Force Allocates £92 Mln to Protect Ukraine

Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Joint Expeditionary Force Allocates £92 Mln to Protect Ukraine

10 JEF countries are going to purchase guns, ammunition and radars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On June 13, the defence ministers of the Joint Expeditionary Force nations, as part of the Amsterdam summit, agreed on the allocation of £92 million from the International Fund for Ukraine for the purchase of equipment that will speed up Ukraine's victory: radars, as well as guns and a large volume of ammunition. Lethal and non-lethal care will be procured through the IFU over the coming months. To strengthen the defence of Ukraine, JEF member countries, namely Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Great Britain, agreed to exchange intelligence data in the fields of underwater and marine infrastructure.

"The UK has contributed a further £250 million to the International Fund for Ukraine and, with allies and partners, through the fund, we are providing a package of air defence to help Ukraine protect their critical national infrastructure and defend against indiscriminate Russian air strikes, Ben Wallace.

Thanks to the joint efforts of JEF, the IFU's budget is £770 million. The last contribution from this amount is £250 million from Great Britain, which was transferred after the dialogue between Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Rishi Sunak in Moldova. This step demonstrates the desire of Great Britain and other states of Northern Europe for peace.

A total of 5 procurement batches are planned. In the first batch, JEF purchased attack drones already on their way to Ukraine. This is the second stage of procurement.

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