Katheryn Winnick and the “Imagine Dragons” Team Arrived in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, May 11, 2023
Katheryn Winnick and the “Imagine Dragons” Team Arrived in Ukraine

On May 11, "United24" Ambassadors visited Irpin

From February 27, 2022, to March 28, 2022, Irpen town in the Kyiv region was under Russian occupation. In just 1 month, the occupying army, including Russians and representatives of central Asia, destroyed the entire town.

Ambassadors of United24 in the direction of Reconstruction of Ukraine arrived in Irpin: actress Katheryn Winnick, as well as the manager of Imagine Dragons Mac Reynolds and director Ty Arnold, arrived at the ruins of the city.

"I was overwhelmed by the destruction in Irpin, Ukraine while visiting the area with United24. Seeing it with my own eyes made," Katheryn Winnick.

It is worth noting that the greatest loss of the town is not infrastructure but its inhabitants. The invaders raped, killed, beaten the unarmed locals. People died from hunger, bullets and wounds. And the apartments, which no one will ever return to, were looted by the Russians.

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