Kharkiv in Contact With Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 9, 2022
Kharkiv in Contact With Ukraine

Ukrainian telecommunication company "Kyivstar" regained 86% of communication in the Kharkiv region

The Kharkiv region is almost entirely free from occupation. People learn to live again, rebuild their homes, work and return to the Ukrainian mobile and information field. Thus, one of the Ukrainian companies providing communication and data transmission services has almost completely restored its towers and wires in the Kharkiv region. The operator Kyivstar performed the restoration works on 86% of the territory — 200 liberated settlements. The company notes that it is now possible to contact his family and residents of Izium, Balakliya, Kozacha Lopan, etc. 

The operator notes that he is trying to eliminate service defects caused by the Russian attack as quickly as possible. Therefore, 93% of the country's territories can now use the services of a mobile operator. The other 7% are territories under occupation. Earlier, Kyivstar already donated almost $100 million to rebuild Ukraine. 

"To enable mobile phone subscribers in liberated cities and villages to call their families and relatives more quickly, Kyivstar engineers use various technical solutions, such as connecting via Starlink, installing mobile cellular base stations, Power supply with diesel generators and others," told the press service Kyivstar.

Recall that in the summer of "space communication", Elon Musk began to work in Ukraine.

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