Kherson Celebrates Liberation From Occupation

On November 11, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Kherson  
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Free Ukrainians rejoice on the main square and the streets of Kherson. The city was under Russian occupation from March 3 to November 11

From the very beginning of the occupation, the townspeople opposed the Russians, went to rallies and powerfully showed their position. When the Russians began to crush the Ukrainian movement bloodily, the Ukrainians went underground and organized the Yellow ribbon movement.

This is Lilya, coordinator of the Yellow ribbon. "If we talk about courage, it's about Lilia. She hung Yellow ribbons in Kherson when the Russians were patrolling the city. She gathered a team of like-minded people, painted graffiti, pasted leaflets and passed on information to the Defense Forces," activists of the movement.

The inscription on the car — "Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!"

Today, Mykolaiv is also wholly liberated. Glory to Ukraine!

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