Secret Pro-Ukrainian Movement “Yellow Ribbon” in Occupied Kherson

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 23, 2022
Secret Pro-Ukrainian Movement “Yellow Ribbon” in Occupied Kherson

Activists of the "Yellow ribbon" movement handed over to the Ukrainian authorities data on the locations of pseudo-referendums on joining Russia

From the very beginning of the war, partisan movements appeared on the territory of the occupied territories, which undermine the actions of the invaders by all available means: they blew up railway tracks and cars of puppet "leaders" of the occupation "government", pick pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian messages and leaflets on the walls of city houses. The invaders react very harshly to such activities, and the Ukrainians have changed tactics. The same applies to the Ukrainians, who regularly went to rallies against the occupying authorities: now, they have united in the secret Yellow ribbon movement.

Today, thanks to the Yellow ribbon activists, Ukraine received data on the location of the pseudo-referenda in Kherson and personal data of self-proclaimed "chairmen of election commissions."

"Our eyes are working throughout the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, the rashists have nowhere to hide. Activists provide data on 12 such places (schools in the city), the names and mobile phone numbers of the so-called chairmen of the "election commissions," Yellow ribbon reports on its Telegram channel (messenger) and adds data.

Yellow ribbon activists suggest calling pseudo-chairmen of pseudo-electoral pseudo-commissions and making their life unbearable.

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