Lviv Launched Production of Bulletproof Vests for Children

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Lviv Launched Production of Bulletproof Vests for Children

Bulletproof vests will be used during the evacuation of children from combat zones

In the first days of Russia's attack on Ukraine, a hub was formed in Lviv of businessmen, volunteers, doctors and specialists of various kinds, the purpose of which was to provide free and prompt assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war. The hub was named the Lviv defence cluster.

According to Yuriy Fedorov, LDC representative, the organization received a request from the National police of Ukraine to produce 500 body armour for children.

"We received a request from the National police department, which is engaged in the evacuation of the population, including children, from the zones of active hostilities. We made the first samples, showed them, and discussed the samples with them. The weight of children's body armour is up to 2 kg. There are 3 sizes for kids of all ages. Already the first batch of 30 pieces, we will transfer to the Donetsk region somewhere in a week," Yuriy Fedorov.

One bulletproof vest costs $500, and LDC is now looking for sponsors to produce the entire batch of bulletproof vests for children. Technically, such body armour differs little from a conventional vest: it is also made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethene. However, it is different in colour and has a GPS tracker to be able to find the child quickly. Also, the design of the body armour is designed so that it can be quickly removed and put on a child.

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