Killed Lysychansk

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Killed Lysychansk

On June 20, the occupiers heavily shelled Lysychansk, Lugansk region. There are dead among civilians

The Russian army decided to erase the city from the reality of Ukraine in 24 hours. The occupiers shelled more than 30 houses with civilians. The lyceum and police station were also attacked. The head of the regional military administration of the Luhansk region Serhii Haidai reports that the Russians used aviation. The shelling began on June 19 at night and lasted until the end of June 20. From the first minutes, the dead were reported. These are the people who were on the street and did not have time to escape from the occupiers. Now the number of casualties is being determined, as the Russian occupiers attacked the homes of civilians and there is serious destruction.

The photo depicts the moment when a man from Lysychansk saw the body of his son.

Unfortunately, the Russian army will destroy not only the houses in Lysychansk. Serhii Haidai noted that serious destruction in Gorny — 13 houses were damaged, in Novovanovka — 7, Vrubovka lyceum was also destroyed.

Similar statements are made in the eyes of the Donetsk military administration. There the occupiers shelled a children's lyceum in Avdiivka by the multiple firing systems with magnesium charges. This is the third school in the Donetsk region destroyed by the occupiers.

On this article's cover, you see a father who saw his son killed during the Russian shelling of Lysychansk. 

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