Kosovo to Provide Comprehensive Military Aid Package to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Kosovo to Provide Comprehensive Military Aid Package to Ukraine

Kosovo, a partially recognized state, will send a comprehensive military aid package to Ukraine, including various calibers of mortar ammunition and other military equipment

This announcement was made by Kosovo's Defense Minister, Eyup Macedonsi, during a press meeting with Ukrainian journalists in Pristina.

"I will not delve into all the details, but I can confirm the package includes 120-mm, 60-mm, and 81-mm mortar shells, military trucks for transporting personnel and weaponry, and armored tactical vehicles to enhance operational capabilities in Ukraine," Macedonsi explained.

Kosovo has already delivered the first installment of aid, comprising tactical and armored vehicles, and is now preparing to send the second package, which will primarily consist of mortar ammunition.

Additionally, Kosovo continues to contribute to demining efforts in Ukraine by training Ukrainian specialists in this field. The first group from Ukraine's Mine Action Center completed their training in Kosovo in 2022, and preparations are underway for the second group.

Macedonsi reiterated Kosovo's steadfast commitment to supporting Ukraine, stating, "We are determined to resolutely support Ukraine in all aspects according to our conditions and capabilities."

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