Russia Will Pay for the Ecocide

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 13, 2023
Russia Will Pay for the Ecocide

The European Commission believes that Russia should pay Ukraine reparations for environmental pollution

The vice president of the European Commission Frans Timmermans stated this. The politician also noted that the Russians continued the way of the German Fuhrer. The EU would not want any of the terms, but if the situation developed, they would support Ukraine. In particular, Frans Timmermans stressed that Russia, by its war, had inflicted the Ukrainian flora and fauna with a loss of life and now has to be responsible for it. Therefore, the European Commission calls on Ukraine to document all crimes of the RF and promises to help.

"You should make them compensate for the losses, and this is possible only if you correctly recorded the facts and evidence," the politician said.

It should be noted that all crimes committed by Russia against nature have already been recorded in Ukraine. Moscow has allowed itself to accelerate global warming in almost every way: from fires after the explosion of missiles to mines of the seas. By the way, large losses of nature were caused by the destruction of several Ukrainian oil stations and fires in the Chornobyl forest. The fire in the "forbidden" zone was the most dangerous, as the remnants of radiation were raised in the air and the fire could not be extinguished because of the Russian invaders in the territory.

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