KrAZ has Transferred a Consignment of Saddle Tractors to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 27, 2022
KrAZ has Transferred a Consignment of Saddle Tractors to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Vehicles will be used as part of the heavy equipment road train

Kremenchuk Automobile Plant (KrAZ), the largest Ukrainian automobile manufacturer, transferred the first consignment of saddle tractors to the armed forces of Ukraine.

They were designed to meet the customer's requirements, i.e., the military. The cars passed the commission, the departmental test of the ministry of defense of Ukraine. "All necessary details were taken into account, upgrades were completed, and design documents clarified. By order of the minister of defense of Ukraine, these vehicles are already provided," noted KrAZ technical director Serhii Dun.

The cars will be used as part of a road train to transport heavy military equipment.

The machines are equipped with a 450 hp engine and an automatic transmission, which is a new element for the military. In addition, a hydraulic winch is installed, which makes it possible to extend heavy machinery on a semi-trailer, as well as a saddle-coupling device for three degrees of freedom.

The company’s management notes that the frame, transmission, and vehicle systems that ensure the checkpoint operation are released on KrAZ.

KrAZ, after a long delay caused by the bankruptcy of the enterprise, resumed deliveries of equipment for the needs of the armed forces of Ukraine. At the beginning of January, the Ukrainian army received the chassis KrAZ-63221 6x6, intended for further installation of special army equipment on it.

Before this, the Kremenchuk automobile plant announced an extensive portfolio of orders for 2022 in the amount of 1.000 trucks. It also includes trucks ordered by the United States department of defense under a three-year contract.

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