Demolition of Blockages in the Dnipro Completed

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Demolition of Blockages in the Dnipro Completed

The search lasted 69 hours. 45 people were killed, 20 were missing, 79 were injured, 15 bodies were not identified

On January 14, Russia fired Kh-22 missile at a residential high-rise building in the city of Dnipro. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine took 69 hours to clear the rubble and rescue people. Whole families died. The body of a pregnant woman was found, which her husband covered with his body. Unfortunately, all 3, a man, a woman and an unborn child, died.

Someone lay under concrete slabs for 20 hours and could not call for help since she was mute from birth. Many people wrote SMSs to their relatives from under the rubble that they were still alive.

After 3 days. 45 people died (6 of them are children, the youngest is 11 months old). 79 injured, 16 of them children, 28 people in the hospital. 20 people are missing, including 4 children. 15 people have not been identified.

5 children became orphans: 3 of them were taken by relatives, and 2 will live under the care of the state because they do not have a close family.

With this attack, Russia destroyed hundreds of families, ended dozens of lives, destroyed 236 apartments and left 400 people homeless. 

Ukrainians from all over the country send money to help the victims, and Dnipro residents set up tents on the same day where the victims can get food, heating and clothing. Many residents of the Dnieper were taken by those who were left without a cart to live in their homes.

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