We Are All Dnipro

by Olha Povalaieva
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
We Are All Dnipro

The world is increasingly shocked by the Russian terrorist act in the Ukrainian city 

Dozens of people gathered near the building of the United Nations in Prague: they calls for Russia to be expelled from the UN Security Council. The action itself was called We are all Dnipro.

The prime minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas, followed Lithuania's president and made a statement regarding the crime of Russians in the Dnipro. Kaja Kallas reported that the actions of the Kremlin once again prove that Russia is a terrorist country. For Ukraine to defend itself, the prime minister called for providing air defence systems and tanks to the army. In his press release, Ukrainian Air Force colonel Yurii Ihnat said that on January 14, missile strikes on Kyiv, Dnipro, and other cities were carried out by X-22 missiles. Only the Patriot PAC3 and SAMP/T systems can defeat them. But Ukraine does not have them.

In the European Union, the impact on the 9-story building was assessed as an escalation of the conflict.

"Now we are talking about the growing attention of citizens in their households after Russia decided to defeat the critical infrastructure important for people to survive the winter. This is another sign that Putin's regime wants escalation and does not want to break up," said Peter Stano.

While politicians express condolences, people abroad go to action against Russia, and Ukrainians collect things, food, and money for the victims. For example, the first Ukrainian digital bank Monobank opened crowdfunding. For half a day, Monobank raised almost $150.000 for assistance. About 200.000 people participated in the financial gathering.

Ukrainians are strong. But unfortunately, the hole in the soul will not heal, nor will the house in the Dnipro be restored, and will not raise people's lives.

Known of 44 dead, 6 of them children, 1 of them — a pregnant woman. 

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