Kuindzhi, Repin and Aivazovsky — Internationally Recognised Ukrainians

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, February 11, 2023
Kuindzhi, Repin and Aivazovsky — Internationally Recognised Ukrainians

The NY Metropolitan Museum recognized the artists as Ukrainian and changed the information in their guides

The New York Museum of art changed the inscription under the paintings of Arkhip Kuindzhi. The artist was born in Mariupol in 1842 and known for his paintings of the sky, the seas (especially the sea of Azov) and other Ukrainian landscapes. Earlier, the Metropolitan exhibited Kuindzhi as a Ukrainian-Russian artist. And now, under his paintings, museum visitors see information that Kuindzhi is a Ukrainian artist born in Mariupol in 1842, which Russia completely destroyed over the past year. In addition, the museum added that in 2022 Russian soldiers destroyed the gallery dedicated to the artist, thus destroying many of his works. On the article's cover, you can see his painting Red sunset on the Dnipro.

After that, the specialists corrected the history of some other artists too. The New York Metropolitan noted that Ivan Aivazovsky and Ilya Repin were also Ukrainian artists. So the mark "Russian" changed to "Ukrainian".

Also, museum workers changed the name of the picture by Edgar Degas. Previously, the famous picture of 1899 was associated with Russia. But now the artist's work has the name  Dancers in Ukrainian costumes instead of Russian dancers.

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