“KupiPai” — a New Platform for Buying Land

Monday, July 19, 2021
“KupiPai” — a New Platform for Buying Land

Investment company "Concorde Capital" has launched an agrarian online service "KupiPai", which provides legal and consulting support for the sale and purchase of land plots

KupiPai is an irreplaceable resource that will become an intermediary between potential investors, tenants, and land sellers. Ihor Mazepa is the CEO and founder of the investment company Concorde Capital.

Among the platform's functions:
  • selection of sites for investment;
  • conclusion of a contract;
  • cashless transfer of funds;
  • obtaining land documents and lease agreements with the agricultural holding by mail or in person.

"According to our forecasts, at the first stage of the opening of the land market, 1 hectare of black soil will cost about $2,000 per hectare, while the agricultural holding-tenant will pay rent in the amount of $150-200 per year. Thus, the guaranteed rental income will be 7 % –10% per annum," said Mazepa.

The investment banker also notes that those investors who are among the first to acquire land will face the yield. He connects this statement with the fact that "big business" will not be able to enter the market for the next two years.

Mazepa also noted that now land prices are stable and provide all conditions for investing in Ukraine, but in a year prices will rise by 15% -20%.

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