Kyiv Entered the 50 Best Global Ecosystems for Startups

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Kyiv Entered the 50 Best Global Ecosystems for Startups

The capital of Ukraine was ranked 48th among the world's best startup ecosystems according to the “Global Startup Ecosystem Index” from “StartupBlink”, where a thousand cities were considered

According to, Kyiv is ahead of many European cities, including Dublin, Milan, Zurich, and Copenhagen.

The Startup Ecosystem 2021 report called Kyiv a solid hub for startups in software and data, marketing and sales, and food technology. More than 250 companies are already working in these three sectors in the capital of Ukraine.

The data of the National Bank of Ukraine also testify to outstanding prospects: in 2020, the export of information technologies of the country increased by 20%. This increase of US $853 million over the same period last year brought total annual exports of software and other IT products to the top of the US $5 billion mark for the first time.

According to the Ukrainian Technological Ecosystem, its IT sector is growing five times faster than the global average (4-6%). There are 5.000 IT companies here, employing 250.000 developers.

If we talk about the start-up sector, then according to the 360 ​​Tech Ecosystem Overview, about 1.700 companies produce technology products and 533 service companies in Ukraine. Most of them are located in Kyiv.

According to AVentures Capital's annual Ukrainian technology investment industry survey, a record high US $571 million was invested in Ukrainian or Ukrainian-based technology companies. It was a combination of venture capital and private equity combined.

World giants open their offices in Kyiv: Google, Apple, Reddit. In October 2021, an office was also opened by the developer of logistics solutions from Tel Aviv  —  the company Bringg. And on November 30, the top management of Apple came to Ukraine for the first time. These facts testify to the enormous potential of Kyiv in the field of IT.

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