Ukrainian ITs Developed a Virtual Medical Assistant

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, May 27, 2023
Ukrainian ITs Developed a Virtual Medical Assistant

AI-assistant created to prevent diseases in the early stages

The project was founded by a doctor who has been working for 15 years, Andrii Petrukha, and an IT-expertise specialist, Valeriia Yasakova. The Ukrainian collaboration has created a project called Mark that will help people have a personal virtual doctor. Mark was created to identify health problems. Work on the application begins with registration. The patient can then take a wellness survey. Artificial intelligence will analyse the answers and provide results. Virtual diagnosis will show the dynamics of the feeling itself and the questions with which you need to see a doctor. Mark will be able to choose the best doctor who will suit a person by profession, placement, and type of reception (paid or free of charge). The application will also record medical history and visits to doctors, help solve medical issues with clinics and laboratories, and receive insurance and certificates.

The Ukrainian IT-doctor works taking into account exclusively licensed and generally accepted methods. The information and recommendations contained in Mark comply with international medical protocols and the regulations of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

A personal medical assistant has already been developed. It can be downloaded via AppStore and Google Play. More than 1.000 Ukrainians have already downloaded it.

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