Lithuania Enhances Ukraine’s Defense Capabilities with Anti-Drone Systems

by Cheplyk Roman
Friday, March 22, 2024
Lithuania Enhances Ukraine’s Defense Capabilities with Anti-Drone Systems

Lithuania has reinforced its support for Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict by providing anti-drone systems, as reported by the “European Truth.”

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania confirmed this contribution, highlighting the continuous military aid extended to Ukraine, which was delivered on March 22.

This assistance is part of a broader effort by Lithuania to support Ukraine's defense, encompassing a diverse array of military aid. This includes weapons, ammunition, drones, anti-drones, military training, heavy equipment repair, and other support tailored to Ukraine's expressed needs.

Furthermore, Lithuania has established a long-term commitment to aid Ukraine, unveiling a plan to provide a military aid package worth 200 million euros for the period of 2024-2026. This initiative underscores Lithuania's strategic support in bolstering Ukraine's defense and resilience.

In addition to the anti-drone systems, Lithuania has pledged 35 million euros towards the purchase of artillery shells for Ukraine as part of the Czech initiative. This initiative revolves around the acquisition of 800,000 artillery shells identified by the Czech Republic for Ukraine's use, with several partners, including Lithuania, stepping forward to finance the purchase.

Lithuania's representative Vaidotas Urbelis, during the 20th meeting in the "Ramstein" format, urged allies to further support Ukraine with demining equipment and training. Urbelis also expressed gratitude towards the countries that have joined the Lithuanian-led coalition for mine clearance in Ukraine, which now includes 22 nations, demonstrating a unified and robust international support for Ukraine amidst its challenges.

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