Kyiv is in the Leader of the Sharing Economy

Thursday, August 19, 2021
Kyiv is in the Leader of the Sharing Economy

Kyiv is in the top 10 capitals of the world, where the sharing economy (renting scooters, cars and housing) is developing the best

The Ukrainian capital for the second year in a row enters this rating. This was reported by the Consumer Choice Center investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/business-consultant/" rel="dofollow">research manager and author of the sharing economy index Maria Tsaplya.

The index shows the presence of different types of sharing — sharing cars (Uber, Bolt, Uklon), housing (Airbnb), electric scooters and the like.

Sharing is the ability for a user to rent something not from an official company, but through a particular platform or app from another user who wants to share a particular resource.

"The largest 50 cities in the world, such as Paris, Berlin, New York, were analyzed, and the Ukrainian capital was included in the top 10 for the second time. As the index showed, Kyiv is quite an open city for shoring, there are a lot of services and they are available. In addition, we have no restrictions, for example, when a driver needs to get special permission from the authorities to give a ride to the user," said Tsaplya.

Kyiv also received 95 points and took the second position, along with Vilnius, Riga, Sao Paulo and Warsaw.

Recently, there has been a growing demand for electric scooters among Ukrainians. Despite the fact that there is no legislation to regulate this business yet, companies together with local authorities are coordinating the rules of the game to ensure the safety of movement for both users and pedestrians.


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