Kyiv Region in a Focus of Famous Artists

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, January 28, 2023
Kyiv Region in a Focus of Famous Artists

Italian street artist TVBoy visited Bucha and Irpin 

In these towns, he considered ruins remaining after the Russian occupiers in the spring of 2022. TVBoy decided to decorate the destructions with his drawings. In Irpin, a drawing of a famous artist appeared at the sports stadium. On the walls appeared 2 young footballers in blue and yellow uniforms, who walked supporting each other. Also, the work of an Italian appeared in the surviving house of culture in Irpin. The picture shows a child writing the word "war" on the "no entry" sign. The street artist left his message also in Bucha. Near the local lyceum appeared a girl near the soldier and a girl who paints a symbol of peace. 

Town councils approve of such creativity. Ukraine hopes that foreign artists' attention will help many people learn about the Ukrainian problem and the battle with the aggressor. Also, the head of the Ukrainian film institute expressed his opinion about the work of TVBoy, calling them a contribution to the action of reconstruction of the country.

Recall that earlier, the English artist Banksy left some street art in Ukraine. Banksy confirmed the objects were his.

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