Kyiv to Produce Electricity from Solid Household Waste

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, July 1, 2024
Kyiv to Produce Electricity from Solid Household Waste

Kyiv is set to produce electricity from solid household waste, according to Petro Panteleev, Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration (KMDA)

This initiative is part of the city's strategy to address the ongoing energy deficit by utilizing all available resources for energy production.

"Today, in the conditions of a total energy deficit, we are obliged to use all resources for energy production. We have adopted the doctrine of energy sustainability 'Energy recovery: the path to distributed cogeneration,' which provides for the decentralization of energy production and the wider use of other types of fuel - hydrogen, solar energy, waste," said Panteleev.

The plan involves using modern and rational approaches for processing waste. Each fraction of the waste will be sorted and utilized appropriately—either for recycling and reuse or for energy production.

"At the first stage, we have to sort the valuable, the things that can be recycled (glass, plastic, etc.). Further, at the sorting stations, organic waste (remnants of food, vegetation, etc.) and the fraction that has a high calorific value and is used as fuel for modern thermal power plants are separated. As a result, only a small part of the waste, the so-called inert fraction, which is no longer suitable for any of the above-mentioned processing methods, ends up at the landfill," explained Panteleev.

Kyiv generates over 1 million tons of solid household waste annually, a significant resource that the city aims to harness for energy production. This initiative not only addresses waste management but also contributes to the city's energy sustainability goals.

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