Kyiv Took Care of Reserve Iodine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Kyiv Took Care of Reserve Iodine

Potassium preparations for people under 40 years old appeared in all districts of the capital

There were reports on the internet that all schools in the capital are given potassium iodide. Kyiv city council reacted to the information. According to official statements, no one supplied school administrators and students with the pill. 

"The Department of education and science also did not issue any orders to collect parental consent for the reception of potassium iodide by schoolchildren," the city council reported.

But its distribution in Kyiv still took place. The city council has provided all district administrations with potassium iodide. All district evacuation commissions are provided with the medication. These commissions are responsible for evacuation and assistance to the population in case of attacks on Kyiv. The city council notes that this is the case with public attacks, so if necessary, drugs containing iodine will be given to people.

"If evacuation is required, potassium iodide will be distributed to the affected population at evacuation points as recommended by the medical authorities. The department of health also has potassium iodide reserves, which, in the event of radiation hazards, will provide them with community health facilities and family doctors. Potassium iodide is available in pharmacies of the city," reported the Kyiv administration.

Such drugs are necessary in case of nuclear strikes. At the same time, doctors note that people after 40 years of potassium iodide are dangerous to take.

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