Laptop for Every Teacher in Ukraine

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Laptop for Every Teacher in Ukraine

The Ministry of digital transformation has examined subcontract purchase contracts for laptops in 5 regions

As a result, over ₴24,7 million ($943 thousand) was saved. Contracts are currently being signed and laptops will soon be delivered to schools. In total, more than 13,000 teachers will receive the equipment in the regions.

In total, control over the targeted use of the subvention will save more than ₴100 million ($3,7 million)  and additionally provide more than 5,000 teachers with laptops.

The project Laptop for every teacher is implemented by the Ministry of digital transformation and the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. ₴980 million ($36 million) has been allocated from the state budget for the purchase of 60,000 laptops for teachers. Thanks to this subvention, teachers will be able to make the learning process more modern and accessible.

Teachers will receive the equipment as soon as local government administrations procure and sign contracts with suppliers.

To prevent corruption and make the procurement process as transparent as possible, the team of the Ministry of digital transformation has created a public dashboard. This is an interactive map of Ukraine, where everyone can control how they use the opportunity and at what price they buy equipment. The Ministry of digital transformation will check each purchase and in case of overpricing will offer to reduce the cost. After all, the main thing is that as many teachers as possible get quality equipment and can work comfortably.

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