Latvia Recognized Russia as a Sponsor of Terrorism

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, August 11, 2022
Latvia Recognized Russia as a Sponsor of Terrorism

On August 11, the Seimas of Latvia recognized Russia's actions against Ukraine as terrorism and Russia itself as a state sponsor of terrorism

Last week, the foreign affairs Commission of the Latvian Seimas supported the resolution recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism and the methods used by the Russian army against Ukrainian prisoners of war and the civilian population as terrorism. Torture, rape, intimidation, use of prohibited weapons (cluster shells, chemical weapons), forced deportation, infiltration camps, executions, mass murders — this is not a complete list of what the Russians are doing against Ukrainians. International organizations currently working in Ukraine testify to all these crimes.

Almost unanimously, Latvia recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, banned the issuance of visas to Russians, and also called on other countries to join these measures against the aggressor country.

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