Launch of Diia City and prospects

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Thursday, January 20, 2022
Launch of Diia City and prospects

With the launch of Diia City, IT revenues could grow from $6 billion to $16.5-17 billion

The main tasks of the state in the economic and investment spheres for 2022.

"This year, the state is investing more than $5 billion in infrastructure development. "Thanks to Diia City, the growth rate of the IT sector can double to 40-50% per year, and revenues can grow from $6 billion to $16.5-17 billion," said Denis Shmygal, prime minister of Ukraine.

The prime minister noted that among the key tasks for this year are strengthening Ukraine's energy security, increasing the investment attractiveness of the energy sector and attracting foreign investment needed to achieve the goals of energy independence, decarbonisation and clean energy.

It is planned to work together with the European Green Course through the implementation of climate commitments and the "green" transition of the economy, through energy efficiency, fair transformation of coal regions and participation in European industrial alliances. In addition, according to Denis Shmygal, over the next two years the Government plans to obtain industrial, customs, digital, transport and energy "visa-free" from the EU.

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