Launch of the System of Automatic Data Exchange Between Government Agencies “Trembita”

Saturday, August 28, 2021
Launch of the System of Automatic Data Exchange Between Government Agencies “Trembita”

Ukraine has launched a system that catalyzes the process of obtaining public service, minimizes bureaucratic errors and corruption keys

"The large-scale implementation of Trembita gives rise to inevitable changes in the interaction of state bodies with each other, as well as in the interaction of business and citizens with the state. After all, this is the speed and transparency of state processes, which translates into time savings and rational use of budget funds," says the head of the State agency on e-government issues Olexandr Ryzhenko.

The first introduction of electronic interaction was made between the National health service (NHSU) and the State service for medicines and drug control. Trembita will allow making about a million checks of information every month.

"All processes have been transferred to the electronic health care system. This ensures transparent, rational and controlled use of budget funds. Automatic data exchange between us and the State medicines service is an important part of this process," said the head of the NHSU Oleh Petrenko.

Among other things, Trembita opens up an opportunity to check the legality of obtaining prescriptions for receiving drugs through state programs, as well as the legality of pharmacies receiving reimbursements from the state budget.

"Such checks ensure that medicines under the Affordable Medicines program are dispensed only by those pharmacies that have a valid license. Accordingly, those pharmacies that operate legally receive reimbursement of the cost of medicines from the state budget," added Petrenko.

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