Launch of the Ukrainian Business Protection Office

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Launch of the Ukrainian Business Protection Office

The Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine has opened an office that will not only protect Ukrainian business but also bring the fuel, tobacco, and alcohol markets out of the shadow

The agency will protect entrepreneurs from non-market methods of competition, abuse by law enforcement and create favorable conditions for foreign investment, said deputy interior minister Yevhen Yenin.

"That is why we are talking primarily about a certain informal working group, the activities of which the minister entrusted to me. We have identified a contact person in the leadership of the National police, we are in dialogue with both business associations and the Office of the European Business Ombudsman. First of all, this is a platform for dialogue," explained deputy interior minister Denys Monastyrskyy.

Some time ago, the head of the Ministry of internal affairs spoke about the main factors in the establishment of the BPOand the main directions of its work.

"I see for myself several areas that we need to work on in the fight against the illegal market. This is the de-shadowing of the tobacco, alcohol, and fuel markets. According to experts, the budget is short of billions of hryvnias, as most of this market is in the shadows. This is a counteraction to raiding. Also the fight against smuggling and corruption in law enforcement. The fourth point remains the fight against counterfeit products, copyright infringement."

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