Let Russians Use Their Goods Only Themselves

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Let Russians Use Their Goods Only Themselves

Ukraine completely banned the export of goods to the aggressor country

On September 27, the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution prohibiting the supply of goods from Ukraine to Russia. The decision concerns any goods, including those for which Ukraine is only a transit point. Customs points of Ukraine will not be allowed goods, the final trade point for which is the RF. The decree will be valid until the abolition of martial law in Ukraine or the cessation of military marches by the Russian Federation. In Ukraine, the adoption of such a decision is called sanctions pressure on the aggressor.

"This resolution is another of many instruments of economic influence. We understand that sanctions are not only a means of responding to a military threat but also of preening aggression in the future. I would like to state that since the beginning of the war, the export of goods to Russia has been de facto stopped. Now it is fixed at the legal level," the first vice prime minister of Ukraine, minister of economic affairs Yuliia Svyrydenko, declared openly about the decision.

Ministry also states that the deterioration of Ukraine's economic situation is not expected due to such a decision. Exports of Ukrainian goods to the territory of the Russian Federation brought the country only $4.3 million. The bulk of this income was accounted for by ferrous metals. By comparison, before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, export earnings were around $250 million in one month.

Ukrainians want nothing to do with or because of the new regulation. Therefore, citizens of the Russian Federation will now have to confirm their words on the possibility to create, sew and grow all that is needed.

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