Lithuania Recognises Ukrainian Driving Licenses

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Lithuania Recognises Ukrainian Driving Licenses

Ukraine and Lithuania signed an agreement on mutual recognition of driving licences

Representative of the government in the parliament of Ukraine, Taras Melnichuk, said that the 2 governments agreed and approved a document according to which the rights of the driver in the 2 countries are equal. According to the loan principle specified in the document, Ukraine and Lithuania will recognise and exchange national driving permits without additional requirements. This means that the exchange of a driver's license will not require the repeated passing of examinations (for example, as in Ukraine: a theoretical test of 20 questions concerning traffic rules and passing a practical exam).

Thus, having sold the application to the appropriate authority, the driver from Ukraine will be able to obtain the Lithuanian model, and vice versa, the driver from Lithuania can replace his license with the Ukrainian driver's license. To carry out such a procedure, it is necessary to assemble a package of documents:

  • Certificate of permanent residence in the country;
  • Original driver's license;
  • A medical certificate with a valid expiration date.

Inter-state cooperation is developing on all sides to bring citizens of Ukraine and Lithuania closer and comfortably to each other. Such decisions also helped Ukrainian refugees to feel comfortable in a country that had provided asylum during the war.

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