Ukrainians Returning From Captivity

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Ukrainians Returning From Captivity

16 military and 1 civilian returned home after an exchange of prisoners of war

On June 28, the general directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine reported on Facebook about the next exchange of prisoners of war. The exchange took place under the 17/15 formula. Ukraine handed over 15 prisoners of war to the Russian Federation. The Russian side returned 16 Ukrainian soldiers and 1 Ukrainian civilian. 2 officers and 14 soldiers were released.

Russia continues to capture all Ukrainians: military and civilians, journalists, volunteers, etc. Thus the aggressor country is confirming the slogan that appeared on the social network — Russia is a terrorist country.

The coordinating office for the return of Ukrainian prisoners to their homes reports that 5 soldiers are seriously wounded. A medical examination after the exchange revealed that all the wounded needed immediate attention. This condition of the soldiers raises questions about not violating another article of the Geneva Convention, which deals with the rules of detention.

It should be noted that Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol surrendered to Russian forces almost 2 months ago. However, the Russian Federation was in no hurry to return the fighters, even with serious injuries. On the other hand, the terrorist country managed to sue for the death of 2 foreign citizens with the help of the pseudo-republic of the occupied Donetsk region.

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