Russians Execute Ukrainian POWs on Camera

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 25, 2022
Russians Execute Ukrainian POWs on Camera

The Russian army uses inhuman methods against Ukrainian prisoners: dog siccing, ransom demands from relatives, freezing of limbs, forced blood donation

A deputy of one of the Russian parties proposed to oblige Ukrainian prisoners of war to be donors for Russian soldiers and the civilian population of Russia, who allegedly suffered from military attacks by Ukraine.

"Russia is celebrating the national day of the donor. In this regard, there is a proposal for Ukrainian prisoners of war to become mandatory blood donors for our armed forces and hospitals where Russian soldiers are being treated, as well as civilians who have suffered from the shelling of the Ukrainian army," deputy of Russia Sergey Leonov.

"In the parliament of the Russian Federation, they propose to force the captured Ukrainian military to donate blood for the wounded invaders, this fact testifies to the analogy of the atrocities committed by the nazis in concentration camps during World War II. This practice of forced donation was common in nazi concentration camps, which took blood from them for Wehrmacht soldiers, while people were starved and forced to work,” Ukrainian ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova.

On April 23, the Russians sent a video to the mother of a Ukrainian prisoner of war demanding €5.000 by April 25, otherwise, she will get a video of her son's execution next time. Novikov Olexii Antonovich, Ukrainian soldier of the 109th brigade of the territorial defense of the Donetsk region. The occupiers are increasingly reminiscent of ISIS militants. Another proof that Russia is a terrorist state.

Prisoners of war who were rescued from Russian captivity spoke about the torture that the Russians used on them: they were kept in pits and garages at a temperature below 20 ˚C, which in Ukraine lasts until mid-March. Therefore, many prisoners of war returned with frostbite and atrophy of the arms and legs. Dogs were set on Ukrainian POWs. Ukrainians are beaten with butts and shot just near the ears, causing a rupture of the eardrum and concussion. In all prison camps, Russians use moral and physical violence against Ukrainians and starve them.

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