Liz Truss “We Won’t Rest Until Ukraine Win”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, September 24, 2022
Liz Truss “We Won’t Rest Until Ukraine Win”

The prime minister reaffirmed that the UK will maintain or increase military support for Ukraine until victory

While "partial" mobilization is taking place in Russia, new powerful weapons from partner countries are arriving in Ukraine. The countries are making incredible efforts for the sake of Ukraine of the European Union, NATO, the Scandinavian and Baltic states. Almost the whole world stands on the side of Ukraine and supports it humanitarianly and in arms.

Prime minister Liz Truss, during her speech, stressed that regardless of any events, the UK supports Ukraine.

"At this crucial moment in the conflict, I promise that we will maintain or increase our military support to Ukraine for as long as necessary. As I speak, new British weapons are arriving in Ukraine, including missiles for multiple rocket launchers. We will not rest until Ukraine will not win," Liz Truss.

Last week, Britain handed over to Ukraine the largest shipment of military supplies since World War II: tens of thousands of shells are already in possession of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In 2023, the UK will provide the same military support or, if necessary, even more.

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