Low-Сost Airline “Vueling” Opens Flights Kiev-Paris

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, December 9, 2021
Low-Сost Airline “Vueling” Opens Flights Kiev-Paris

Spanish airline operated flights from Kyiv to Paris at the low-cost

Low-cost airline Vueling is a Spanish airliner belonging to the international group IAG. In 2021, the airline was ranked the best among 350 competitors. The award was received as part of the World Airline Awards 2021 project.

Today this low-cost airline is ready to fulfill the dreams of Ukrainians to visit Paris. The one-way ticket price starts from €30. If a Ukrainian tourist has a pre-planned vacation, he can buy two tickets (to Paris and back to the airport of the Ukrainian capital) for €85.

The launch of the Kyiv-Paris flight with the Vueling low-cost airline became possible after Ukraine and the European Union signed an open skies agreement on October 12. As part of the first stage of implementation, the EU and Ukraine airlines are able to fly on any route an unlimited number of times.

The aviation market between Ukraine and France was severely limited up to this point. Flights between the countries were operated by only three airlines — UIA, Air France and SkyUp.

The first flight to Paris with Vueling 

On December 5th, the low-cost carrier had already made its first flight. Take-off and landing did not disturb passengers, and the entire flight took 4 hours and 10 minutes. Now it is planned that Spanish aircraft will transport Ukrainians from only Kyiv/Orly to Paris. Passengers can fly to Paris on Tuesday and Sunday. On the same days of the week, Ukrainians can fly home by Vueling airlines.

The airline regulations provide the carriage of small baggage by each passenger. The suitcase must weigh no more than 10 kg. The dimensions of such baggage should not exceed 55x40x20. Small baggage may also be taken on board. The dimensions of hand baggage for free transportation are 40x30x20.

Probably Ukrainians don’t have to carry many suitcases with them to see Paris, because emotion is more important than belongings. And Vueling helps make dreams come true at a nice price just ahead of the New Year holidays.


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