“Lufthansa” Will Renovate the Art School in Bucha

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
“Lufthansa” Will Renovate the Art School in Bucha

"Lufthansa Group", "#WeAreAllUkrainians" and "BGV Charity Fund" allocate about $22.000 to restore the Bucha children's art school

On June 18, 2022, a charity Concert For was held at the Munich philharmonic with the participation of refugees from Ukraine. The concert was organized on the initiative of BGV, German sponsors, Help alliance from Lufthansa Group and #WeAreAllUkrainians. The money raised at the concert was donated to the restoration of a school in Bucha. Now the main donor, the national carrier Lufthansa, has joined the action.

The partnership between sponsors-donors and the local city government of Bucha is divided into 2 stages. At the 1st stage, the school premises will be repaired and re-equipped, as well as new musical instruments, laptops and other equipment will be purchased to develop the potential of school students. Additional classrooms will also be built to increase the number of students.

At the second stage, work will be carried out to develop and build an inclusive space for students with disabilities. The infrastructure, designed for the needs of children with special needs, provides access to art to every child who wants it. Also, sponsorship funds will be directed to additional education and advanced training of specialists and teachers of the Bucha school of arts, and the introduction of scholarships for education for children.

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