Macedonia Gave Ukraine Several Dozens of “T-72” Tanks

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, July 29, 2022
Macedonia Gave Ukraine Several Dozens of “T-72” Tanks

The North Macedonian authorities donated around 31 "T-72" to Ukraine

Macedonia decided to donate T-72 tanks to Ukraine. On July 28, state authorities confirmed that the tanks had already gone to Ukraine. The exact number is not named, but it is known that the Macedonian Ministry of defence has 31 T-72 tanks on its balance sheet. According to the Ministry of defence of the state, tanks of the third generation were transferred from the battalion, which will soon be disbanded. These tanks were supplied to the authorities of Skopje by Russia in 2000 during the uprising of the People's liberation army.

According to Macedonian media PTC, the Macedonian Ministry of defence explained the decision to donate to Ukraine due to the fact that these vehicles will become uncompetitive in a few years, and they will soon be replaced by modern anti-tank weapons.

On February 24, Macedonia expelled a dozen Russian diplomats from the country, arguing that the Russians had violated the Vienna Convention.

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