Major Technology Festivals of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Major Technology Festivals of Ukraine

Annual Ukrainian festivals allow the presentation of projects related to innovative technologies

Technology festivals in Ukraine are accurate guides to the world of the future. Every year, several major festivals are held in the country, which gathers not only entire families who love cultural development but also investors who know about the potential of Ukrainian developers.

BestRoboFest has become one of the largest festivals of Ukraine devoted to new technologies. The event is considering robotics and other engineering projects. Every year the festival gathers families from different cities in the center of Ukraine. BestRoboFest is carried out in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, as the founder of the festival is a former resident of the city, Max Polyakov. For two days, not only the presentation of technological developments of Ukrainians but also the competition is held. Robotic competitions allow seeing robot-sumo wrestling, robot racing, and unique show programs.

Another large-scale event dedicated to high technology is being held in the capital of Ukraine. The Sikorsky challenge has been held for 10 years on the National University of Technology initiative of Ukraine. The festival is aimed at students and scientists who care about the future of the country. The festival presents scientific and technological developments and projects that can improve human health, the country's security, the space capacity of the country, etc.

In 2021, at the 10th Sikorsky Challenge Festival, several developments aimed at presenting the latest technologies into the defense and industrial complex of Ukraine by 2030 were presented.

Similar technology projects have been set up in several cities of the country, following the example of such large-scale events. They allow everyone to present their project, even a technical education and become a scientific team member. Examples of such projects were the Noosphere engineering school, Startup school, named after Igor Sikorski, the Ukrainian aircraft designer and scientist, is an all-Ukrainian business-incubator Startup school intensive based on Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

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