Manufacturing in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Manufacturing in Ukraine

Manufacturing is a fundamental part of the economy for any country.

 Starting a manufacturing business in Ukraine may be an opportunity worth considering if you are thinking about foreign investments.

Ukraine is one of the top 20 countries globally that manufactures goods. Manufacturing accounts for more than 50% of GDP and 12.7% of employment (or 22% of the labor force). Manufacturing is highly developed here and especially interesting for foreign investors looking to impact local economies. Manufacturing isn't limited to heavy industry. Many modern manufacturers focus on food products, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, consumer goods, and light industrial equipment.

There are different ways to start manufacturing in Ukraine. Manufacturing is one of the main business activities supported by government and private organizations. Manufacturing in Ukraine has become more and more popular among foreign residents who want to invest and create jobs in Ukraine.

The manufacturing sector in Ukraine includes a great variety of production facilities and companies, from those that produce metal goods or farm equipment to those that manufacture sports gear or children's toys.

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