Manufacturing in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 3, 2022
Manufacturing in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country that has been attracting global business attention for many years

A business that manufactures products in Ukraine can access an array of benefits for their business. According to the World Bank, Ukraine is known for its business-friendly climate and has several incentives in place to encourage business growth.

Manufacturing businesses are incentivized by low barriers to entry, business tax breaks, business subsidies, and more. The exemption also covers the organization’s right to use buildings owned by other legal entities or businesspeople. The business owner has to pay land tax for business premises used by the company.

The business can also benefit from the exemption for certain types of business income both on the company and individual levels. 

The manufacturing industry in Ukraine plays a significant role in the economy of the country, with few companies limited to specific products or services. Business activities have started in regions such as Kyiv in an effort to improve business in Ukraine and attract international business opportunities.

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