Mariupol Screams for Help

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 1, 2022
Mariupol Screams for Help

The appeal of the deputy commander of the "Azov" regiment, captain Sviatoslav Palamar, regarding the urge to evacuate the wounded soldiers

On April 30, two dozen civilians from Mariupol were evacuated.

“All night long, enemy artillery was working, which caused blockages and new destruction. The silence was supposed to start at 6 am, beginning at 11:00. To date, both sides are observing a regime of silence. At 10 a. m, we were waiting for the arrival of the evacuation column, which arrived at 18:25. As of 19:40, we transferred 20 civilians to the agreed place, who were rescued from the rubble. These are women and children, and we hope that these people will go in the direction agreed, and Zaporizhzhia itself, to the territories controlled by Ukraine” Sviatoslav Palamar.

Today, the Azov regiment also continues to clear the rubble and pull people out of there. Every life is at stake. However, in addition to civilians, the wounded soldiers of the Azov regiment also need help.

“Concerning the wounded. These are people in need of necessary medical care. But we do not know why they are not taken. They are not mentioned at all in the plans for evacuation to territories controlled by Ukraine. I emphasize that we ask you to guarantee the departure of not only civilians but also wounded soldiers who need medical care,” Sviatoslav Palamar.

There are thousands of civilians and a large number of soldiers under Azovstal. Many of them are wounded. However, Russia released only 20 people.

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