The Output of Ukrainian electric cars “ZAZ”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 7, 2022
The Output of Ukrainian electric cars “ZAZ”

Electric cars are starting to be produced in Ukraine: they will cost $5.000

Zaporizhzhia Automotive Plant is a Ukrainian enterprise that is 60 years old. The factory manufactures cars, trucks, and buses. Recently we told how owners of ZAZ cars celebrated the birthday of a legendary Ukrainian factory.

The automobile factory will not directly produce Ukrainian electric cars. Small Ukrainian enterprise Kozak EV will carry out the production of "green" cars. In particular, Tavria and Slavuta models will be produced on the new engine.

The car body and salon of the machines will remain factory. But the internal contents are fully compliant with modern environmental standards. New variants of long-known Ukrainian models are equipped with an electric motor, battery, charger, and electric heater integrated into the Tavria or Slavuta furnace. In some versions of modernized cars, a digital dashboard is available.

It is assumed that electric automobiles will be produced only on-demand after the pilot version. Kozak EV has car models with 12 kWh batteries, operating from 100 to 130 km. The cost of a model with this equipment is $3.700. A model with a 16 kW-hour battery and a 140-160 km range will cost $4.400.

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