“Marsh McLennan” Will Assess Military Risks in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 24, 2023
“Marsh McLennan” Will Assess Military Risks in Ukraine

The platform will provide an assessment of military risk insurance options for investors in a business in Ukraine

On June 22, during Ukraine Recovery 2023, Marsh McLennan and the government of Ukraine signed a cooperation agreement that will allow Ukraine to "open access to the global insurance market." Marsh McLennan, the UK's leading global risk management service provider, has partnered with Ukraine this year.

"Marsh McLennan will work with the Ukrainian government and insurers to create a platform that will provide the data needed to assess war risks in Ukraine, allowing the industry to begin offering commercial insurance coverage, thereby unlocking investment capital," Marsh McLennan.

As part of the non-refundable support, Marsh McLennan will provide potential investors with risk assessment data that will help future Ukrainian market entrants with more confidence to set up businesses here. The platform, based on G7 terrorism insurance pools, will be developed and maintained by Marsh McLennan, Ukraine, and the G7.

"Our support for this important project builds on the work we have done with Ukraine this year to evaluate war risk insurance options. I am proud that our colleagues stand with the people of Ukraine to help them recover as quickly as possible," John Doyle, CEO and president of Marsh McLennan.

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