Who Will Win the War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 10, 2022
Who Will Win the War

American Historian Timothy Snyder Explains Snyder is confident that Ukraine has all the prerequisites for victory in the war unleashed by the RF

Russia is a nuclear State with a large number of territories and people. Ukraine gave up its nuclear potential almost 30 years ago (one of the top 3 countries of the Soviet Union). Ukraine had just over 45 million people before the war, while Russia had 143 million. Ukraine has always bet on diplomatic and economic relations. Russia is used to getting what it wants by aggression.

Nevertheless, historians, political leaders, and analysts believe Ukraine has every chance of winning the war with Russia. Famous American historian Timothy Snyder once again confirmed this. He made some important statements on Twitter.

"Speaking of the Russian-Ukrainian war, some commentators assume that the nuclear state cannot lose the war. That's a load of crap and dangerous nonsense," Snyder wrote.

According to the historian, Russia, represented by the Soviet Union, has already shown the world that it is possible to lose with nuclear weapons. Snyder means the Cold War. The war against Afghanistan is also a vivid example of a loss. Another nuclear country, the US, has also defeated the war against Vietnam.

Also, Timothy Snyder did not miss a chance to compare Russia's plans to rebuild the USSR in the 21st century with the colonial states.

"Nuclear states do lose wars. Big countries often lose. And imperial states will be humiliated. From a historical point of view, Ukraine's victory over Russia will not be a surprise. But if Ukraine loses this war, it may be because others have used bad historical examples to find an excuse for lost time in the weeks that will determine the next decades," writes the historian.

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