“MAS Seeds Ukraine” Exports 30% of Seeds

by Anna Gayduk
Friday, November 5, 2021
“MAS Seeds Ukraine” Exports 30% of Seeds

The company plans to keep increasing export volumes

This year “MAS Seeds Ukraine” exports 25-30% of seeds produced in Ukraine, and in the next 5 years it plans to increase exports to 60%.

This was announced by Serhii Tymoshenko, general director of MAS Seeds Ukraine, during a press conference on the signing of an agreement on the cultivation of maize and sunflower hybrids in HarvEast fields for the production needs of MAS Seeds.

The HarvEast company in the Donetsk region is already growing a sunflower hybrid for MAS Seeds, which is not sold in Ukraine, that is, everything is exported.

“The main sales markets are primarily the countries that are relatively nearby our country Poland, Romania, possibly Germany. But it may take up to 3-5 years for Ukraine to be perceived as a country that produces high-quality seeds,” Serhii Tymoshenko confided.

MAS Seeds Ukraine is a brand of the MAÏSADOUR cooperative group, which is the main agricultural group in the South of France with an annual turnover of €1.4 billion. The MAÏSADOUR cooperative group is owned by several thousand French farmers.

At the European level, the company's annual production capacity for the cultivation of elite hybrid seeds takes place on an area of a billion thousand hectares with a trade turnover of €140 million.

With over 150 employees, MAS Seeds Ukraine is one of the main subsidiaries of the corporate group and a key producer of corn and sunflower hybrid seeds in Ukraine. MAS Seeds Ukraine implements all areas of seed business: selection of hybrids of key field crops, production and delivery of premium seeds to agricultural producers.

MAS Seeds Ukraine operates as the link between farmers and scientific technologies. The company's hybrids are adapted to any climatic conditions, thanks to the constant renewal of genetic material using the latest technologies.

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