Matchmaker for Specialists

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 20, 2022
Matchmaker for Specialists

In January 2022, the teams of the Ukrainian creative management camp and the cultural agency launched the application «Navzaem»

Navzaem — matchmaker application for the cultural and creative sphere networks. As the representatives of his team note, the working principle is similar to Tinder — the search works by specialists’ activity branches and fields and by competencies and markers on purpose and format of communication. Users can find useful contacts upon request. It helps find a team, get expert advice, and exchange experience. Now Navzaem works in the beta-version.

Navzaem matches the users on the selected tags: if they match, Navzaem happens. At the time of the release of the material, a beta version of the web application in desktop and mobile format is available.

The idea Navzaem belongs to Tamara Lazarenko. The creation of the project was made possible by the support of the Ukrainian cultural foundation within the framework of the NORD grant. The foundation provides training, exchange education, etc. The application is free at the time of launch. However, the founders do not hide: when the service gains momentum and performs its function in the service, fee-paying services will be introduced.

To join Navzaem it is necessary to go to the site and register.

Next, you should choose search status, industry, professional positioning, main directions of personal activity, and competence. You can then add a description of your profile.

As Navzaem is a streamlined book of contacts, with the possibility to write to users in personal social networks, you need to specify a link to them. After filling the profile, the user can search on the specified query. To do this, click on the tab "Contact search".

Users can go to personal communication via social media if a target has occurred.

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