May the Force Be With Ukrainians!

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, December 19, 2022
May the Force Be With Ukrainians!

Mark Hamil voiced the application "Air alert" in Ukraine

At the end of September, Mark Hamil joined the United24 crowdfunding campaign and started raising funds to buy drones for the drone army of Ukraine. Today, the drone army of Ukraine has replenished with more than 500 drones thanks to the efforts of Hamil.

Today, the actor made Ukrainians and, especially, his fans happy: he voiced the English version of the Air alert app, which notifies Ukrainians about an air attack. From now on, Ukrainians will come out of hiding after the voice of Luke Skywalker from their phone: "Attention! The air alert is over! May the force be with you!"

Glory to Ukraine!

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