Medical Activities and Ukrainian Budget: Who Invests

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 22, 2022
Medical Activities and Ukrainian Budget: Who Invests

Financial and scientific contributions link the state and medicine

In 2022, the national budget for health care was increased. Since January 1, 2022, it has been more than $10.5 billion. Doctors and healthcare workers will receive an increase in the minimum wage. Moreover, a new concept of collective bargaining will be introduced. This means that the chief medical officer’s salary cannot be 40-60% higher than the average hospital salary. Thus, from 2022 in Ukraine, the minimum wage is expected to change. For doctors, it will be from $701, for nurses it will be $420.

Doctors and scientists give not only services to patients, but also a little more. Medical contribution to Ukraine does not supplement the state budget but develops the scientific sphere. Recent examples of human development related to evidence-based medicine include:

  • Injection quercetin

The Borszagov chemical-pharmaceutical plant (in Kyiv) developed and patented a unique form of quercetin in the form of injection powder. In the world, this drug is low bioavailability and slow effect. But with Ukrainian development, the drug became more affordable and more effective. Quercetin helps in the treatment of coronavirus pneumonia.

  • Coronavirus vaccine

The development of the Ukrainian vaccine is in progress. But since the end of 2021 doctors and laboratory technicians have been working on the creation of CoronaVac, a vaccine of the Chinese pharmacological company.

On this basis, it can be understood that the State supports medical professionals. In turn, scientists make important discoveries for the modern world.

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