War Impact on Furniture Business in Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 12, 2023
War Impact on Furniture Business in Ukraine 

Furniture masters create trench beds and furniture for internally displaced persons

Ukrainian business since March 2022 is the "lifeline" of Ukraine – companies work even in the hottest areas of the country. Ukrainian businessmen dare to help the country and defeat the enemy, so some have transformed companies. For example, transformation helps the furniture business not to shut down production but to be helpful in the front, rear, and economic spheres.

Kharkiv furniture company INSTYLE has been under fire from the Russian military since the first days. Previously, the company produced premium quality furniture and served famous individuals and wealthy people. But from February 24, 2022, the company had to stop work. A few days later, INSTYLE completely changed the format and purpose of the work. Now the company is opening manufacturing furniture for people who were left homeless due to the Rus war against Ukraine. The head of INSTYLE, Roman Sidorenko, says it is comfortable furniture at an affordable price.

The furniture shops of the Chernivtsi region also had to change the direction of production. The craftsmen, instead of making regular beds, make structures for the military to sleep in. They use NATO designs. This allows for the production of portable beds. They are assembled from a wooden base treated with oil to extend the service life. To improve sleep quality, a strong fabric is used. The finished bed can withstand up to 500 kg. Workshops receive many orders from volunteer organizations, so the work is always there.

Already made more than 300 beds for Ukrainian fighters, so they do not sleep on cardboard, wooden stands for boxes, and bare ground.

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