Ukraine Destroys All Putin’s Plans

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, March 20, 2022
Ukraine Destroys All Putin’s Plans

On March 4, the president, who cannot dispose of his own country's resources, signed an order to use Ukrainian forests in favor of the aggressor country

Methodically using the example of World War II policy, Putin turned a blind eye to Ukraine's rich forests. Ukraine's intelligence has gained access to a letter from Russian defense minister Shoigu personally to Putin On the possibility of logging on defense lands.

The document aims to obtain a permit for the total felling of Ukrainian "forests, trees, shrubs and greenery." And unused wood for the needs of the Russian Federation will be sold, the proceeds will go to provide the occupying army.

The last time this happened in Ukraine was during the nazi occupation when the invaders destroyed and exported material and natural values.

We remind you that the occupiers attacked a country whose anthem contains the words "...we shall not let anyone rule in our homeland" ("...в ріднім краї панувати не дамо нікому"). 

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