Medical and Niches Herbs

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 22, 2021
Medical and Niches Herbs

Business in the field of production of medicinal herbs is one of the most promising directions, which can be created on small plots

And this is due to the fact that Ukraine has favorable environmental conditions for growing many medicinal plants. The fact that Ukraine — the historic birthplace of many medicinal plants, confirms the presence here of over 30 species of medicinal plants. This is all the more surprising, what was once a civilizational center, has such a healthy and diverse natural environment.

And despite this fact, medicinal herbs harvested in Ukraine are exported abroad, because of what local manufacturers can not provide sufficient raw materials for the production of finished products to make full-fledged development of their business. So you need to entice investors to establish involvement in growing and harvesting medicinal herbs as well as processing their products.

According to the statistics, Ukraine has now exported annually about 14 thousand tons of medicinal herbs with a total value of $25 million for this amount. But according to data from all Ukrainian manufacturers account for only 20% of domestic production of medicaments containing extracts and tinctures of medicinal herbs.

In addition, herbal extracts and tinctures this year will be involved in Ukrainian pharmaceutical company MedHerb. In particular, a full line of production is planned to produce medical herbs that are being used as raw materials for the production of finished products. This would allow Tavria to significantly improve its position on the market of medicinal products.

The partner of GT Invest, Razdolne agricultural complex, grows medicinal herbs on an area of almost 1000 hectares. The largest areas are allocated for niche flax and milk thistle. Razdolne is also engaged in the processing of herbs for the end consumer. As part of its activities, Razdolnoye plans to expand the supply of raw materials for Ukrainian manufacturers of herbal extracts and tinctures through the export of raw materials.

About production and processing of medicinal herbs

As you know, the best way to produce medicinal herbs is to grow them in their natural environment. But often land allocated for growing suitable areas for this purpose is limited, so agricultural crops have an impact on the production of medicinal plants. 

For example, one of the projects provides for export countries wild-growing medicinal plants such as

  • Althea officinalis;
  • Arnica Montana;
  • Melothria scabra;
  • Calendula arvensis;
  • Chamomilla Recutita;
  • Echinacea purpurea Moench;
  • Valerian Officinalis Pallas and other medicinal plants for pharmaceutical use in particular, to Germany, Italy, and France. 

Ukrainian medical herbs are widely used for pharmaceutical purposes.


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